IDA statement

Today the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published the result of our In-Depth Assessment, which happened earlier this year.

The regulatory judgement confirms our G2/V2 rating of governance and viability. Wandle has changed significantly since its previous IDA. The presenting issues of 2018 have been resolved and the new regulatory judgement has been formed from a much-improved organisation with clear plans to improve further.

The Board is pleased that the RSH has recognised the significant improvements we have made in creating financial resilience, managing risk, and our revised asset management plan.

We have put in place a new corporate strategy with a strong focus on improving our services to customers and how we use data to support decision-making on existing homes.

The Board has already considered the current economic climate and made changes to our delivery plan for new homes.

We are grateful to the regulator for their ongoing engagement, continue to work with them, and are confident that we will deliver our corporate strategy and progress to a G1 governance rating within the next 12 months.

Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick, MBE

Chair of the Board