Wandle achieves DAHA accreditation

Wandle has been recognised by the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) for our commitment to supporting those enduring domestic abuse with formal accreditation.

Housing is the primary barrier for women attempting to leave an abusive household and is often the highest cause of homelessness among women. As a housing provider, we are ideally placed to spot and respond to domestic abuse as a first point of contact. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and incidents have only increased in the last couple of years.

DAHA accreditation is the national benchmark for how housing providers should respond to domestic abuse and recognises that housing providers are in a unique position to identify abuse, prevent it and provide support to survivors.

There are eight priority areas that are considered when assessing an organisation’s operation in delivering safe and effective interventions in domestic abuse. As part of the accreditation process, DAHA assessors conducted interviews with our dedicated group from across the business who had been working on achieving accreditation.

Tracey Lees, Chief Executive of Wandle said, “Achieving accreditation is a fantastic achievement for Wandle, and it shows our commitment to residents enduring domestic abuse. Working towards accreditation has been rewarding for our dedicated taskforce, and they have kept the safety and wellbeing of residents at the heart of everything they have done. Wandle will always believe reports of domestic abuse and will investigate any concerns.”

Jessica Tier, Regional Lead for DAHA said: “We are delighted and proud that Wandle has achieved DAHA accreditation demonstrating that they have embedded standards of good practice in their response to domestic abuse.  

“Wandle has committed to continue embedding good practice and building on this foundation to ensure survivors of domestic abuse get the right response, first time, every time.

“Thank you Wandle for your drive and commitment, an example to all housing providers across London and elsewhere in the UK”  

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please contact us for advice and support by emailing customerservices@wandle.com or calling 0300 2000 120. If you are in immediate danger, please contact the police.