Fire safety information requested by lenders

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, government advice on fire and building safety has meant mortgage lenders have changed the level of detailed information they want on the construction of external walls/facades and balconies. This requirement was previously for buildings of 18 metres (six storeys) but has been expanded by some to include properties with fewer storeys. 

What information do lenders ask for now? 

When considering mortgage applications lenders are now asking for an External Wall System (EWS1) report for all buildings of 18 metres and above to confirm the exact materials used. This information must be provided by a suitably qualified independent professional advisor. 

We are committed to providing all information currently available, but please be aware that there may be times when the information we have is not enough to satisfy lenders’ queries.  We may need to carry out additional investigations and surveys. This may take some time, particularly as there is a shortage of qualified advisors. 

How does it affect me? 

If you are thinking of selling your property, staircasing or re-mortgaging, contact us at the earliest opportunity and certainly before making any financial commitment so that we can give you the best advice. We will only be able to help get the EWS1 information for buildings where we are the freeholder. 

If we are not your freeholder, you should contact your managing agent who will be able to confirm what steps are being taken to provide this information for your building. 

Once we have the results of the inspections and tests, we will update residents with block specific advice based on the findings.  

If you have any queries, please contact your homeownership customer service officer