Leaseholder Q&As

Frequently asked questions you might have about your leasehold.

Who is responsible for repairs inside my property? 

You are responsible for any repairs within your property – for example repairing internal leaks, servicing your boiler, repairs to fixtures and fittings, and decorations including any plasterwork.  

Can I make alterations to my property?

This depends on your lease. Some of our leases only allow for internal alterations, and do not allow structural works. Please contact us before you begin any works so we can confirm whether you need our consent or not.

Who is responsible for repairing my broken window? 

This will depend on your lease – generally if it is broken glass this is your responsibility, but if a window frame is broken this will usually be our responsibility. 

If you live in a street property please check your lease, as some street property homeowners have full responsibility for all works to their building.

If I have damp in my property who is responsible for the repairs?

This will depend on your lease and where the damp is coming from. If the damp is coming in from outside, it is our responsibility – for example a leaking gutter or roof. 

How do I know when works are planned for my building?

We will formally consult with you before any major works are done to your building. We are required to serve you with a Section 20 Consultation Notice for any works which are likely to exceed more than £250 per homeowner. 

How can I get a copy of my lease?

You should have been provided with a copy of your lease by your solicitors when you bought your home. You can obtain a copy of your lease from Land Registry or you can request a copy from us and we will charge you a small administration fee.

What if I don’t understand my lease?

We are happy to help you with any queries you have with your lease. For independent advice please contact

Can I sublet my property?

If you own 100% of your property, yes you can – but you will need to let us know and provide us with a copy of the tenancy agreement, an up-to-date Gas Safe certificate, your contact details and the contact details of your tenant. There is a small one-off administration fee. 

If you are a shared owner, you cannot sublet your property as this is a breach of your shared ownership lease. However, we will consider a short-term period of subletting if you have extenuating circumstances – for example, you need to care for a relative, or you are working abroad for a temporary period only.