Living in a building not owned by Wandle

Frequently asked questions if your block is managed by a managing agent and not Wandle

How do I contact the managing agent of my building?

Details of who to contact are included in your lease.

Why is my block managed by a managing agent and not Wandle?

Your block is probably part of a Section 106 scheme where we didn’t build it and the freeholder has instructed a managing agent to provide day-to-day management and repair services to your building. 

Your building may be one where the managing agent provides 100% of all services and repairs to the building, or you may live in a building where we are responsible for internal works and cleaning, with the managing agent responsible for external works and anything structural. 

We also have some blocks that are owned by us but are built on an estate managed by a managing agent.

How do service charges work in these cases? 

The managing agent is responsible for setting the Annual Service Charge. They then invoice us, and we pass their charges onto you. 

Where we are responsible for the internal areas of your building and the managing agent or freeholder is responsible for the external and structural parts, the managing agent bills us for the external and structural works, and we bill you for any repairs and services we provide. 

Please contact us first if you have any concerns regarding the services for your block and we will contact the managing agent on your behalf. 

What happens when I staircase up to 100%?

If your flat is part of a Section 106 scheme, depending on your lease, once you own 100% you may become a leaseholder of the freeholder and not Wandle. This is usually the case if your building already has a mix of affordable and private homes. The managing agent or freeholder would then send your service charge bills directly to you. Our sales team will tell you this if it applies to you when you staircase to 100%.