Shared owner Q&As

Frequently asked questions you might have about your share ownership.

I own 50% of my property and would like to buy more. How do I do this? 

Our sales team will be more than happy to help you through this process. Please email 

What happens when I own 100% of my property?

You no longer have to pay rent – just service charges. If you live in a house, the freehold will be transferred to you, and you will be responsible for insuring your property. 

When I staircase what happens to my rent payments?

Buying more shares of your home is called ‘staircasing’. As you staircase, you gradually own more of your home, and pay less rent, until you own 100% of your property and no rent payments are due. 

Can I extend my lease?

Shared owners do not have a statutory right to extend their lease, but we do offer an informal lease extension scheme. If you have a long lease term (over 90 or so years) it is probably not necessary for you to extend, but if your lease term is nearing 80 years it might be advisable to extend. Once your lease has less than 80 years left it is more costly to extend. Please contact the homeownership customer service team for more information.