CCTV and smart doorbells

If you want to install CCTV or a smart doorbell outside your home, you must follow the government guidance on the domestic use of CCTV.

Can I install CCTV?

Only with written approval from us. We will only approve the installation of domestic CCTV in exceptional circumstances, such as the prevalence of ASB or domestic abuse.

Domestic CCTV must only capture images of your property. It must not be viewing or monitoring any other properties or public areas.

There may be some cases where it is not possible to site the camera without it capturing images of parts of a neighbouring property or public area. If this is the case, we may require consultation with effected neighbours or third parties before the system is approved.

Anyone with CCTV must have a sign displayed. Please contact your neighbourhood customer service officer if there is a CCTV system which does not have signage that may infringe on your or anyone else’s privacy.

What about smart doorbells?

We generally allow smart doorbells, but they must be used for the purpose they are intended for – monitoring who is ringing the doorbell or coming up close to the front door.

If your front door looks onto a communal area or hallway, you must tell any neighbours or residents who may be affected by you installing a smart doorbell, especially if the camera points towards another neighbour’s property or front door.

You must display relevant signage when using smart doorbells, even if this is just a small sticker or sign making clear that it is in use. This is usually provided with the doorbell itself.

What about CCTV installed by Wandle?

We use CCTV on our sites, blocks and estates in order to provide security and assurance to residents and to help us prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour.

We will always ensure that appropriate signage is displayed but please let us know if you notice that a CCTV system is damaged or missing signage.

Our general approach is to only store CCTV images for a maximum of 60 days, but this may vary depending on the type of system used. We will only ever share CCTV images with other organisations (such as the Police) where there is a genuine reason to do so, and it is allowed by law.

If you have concerns about our use of CCTV then please contact our data protection officer at