Who is responsible?

On this page we set out which repairs Wandle is responsible for and which you are responsible for.

Which repairs are Wandle responsible for?

Wandle is responsible for:

  • Heating and hot water
  • Electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings including mains-powered smoke alarms provided by Wandle
  • Plumbing
  • Roofs, outside walls, windows (inc. frames, catches and cords) and doors
  • Chimney stacks and flues
  • Drains, gutters and down pipes
  • Internal structural floors and ceilings
  • Kitchen units, worktops
  • Baths, basins and toilets (excluding blockages inside the dwelling unless you have tried to clear the blockage yourself and not been able to)
  • Internal and external common areas including lifts
  • Gas pipes and equipment supplied by Wandle
  • Pathways, steps and means of access
  • Repairs to boundary walls/fences (Note: This does not include dividing fences and trellising between properties or fenced off bin areas. We will not replace fencing but will make damaged fencing safe, which is defined as removal of risk of injury.)
  • Garages and stores that are built into the property
  • External decorations as part of cyclical decoration programmes
  • Making good following a repair in preparation for your decoration.

Which repairs am I responsible for?

You are responsible for:

  • Internal decoration
  • Replacing internal light bulbs, tubes, starters, plugs and fuses
  • Replacing keys and locks if you lose your keys and additional security locks
  • Fitting and replacing smoke/CO alarms, including battery replacement (unless mains powered alarms are provided by Wandle)
  • Clearing blockages to baths, sinks and basins inside your home unless there is fault to the drainage system.
  • All floor coverings except for flooring fitted by Wandle in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Repairs to internal doors and associated locks, hinges and handles (except for fire doors)
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes unless it is a shared aerial or dish we have provided
  • Phone lines, satellite and cable TV, and internet connections
  • Door bell and chain (unless fitted by Wandle or if it’s a door entry system)
  • Upkeep of your private garden. This includes maintaining and pruning trees and upkeep of washing lines
  • Paving and non-paved areas in private gardens, except for paths to and from the property
  • Garden sheds or other outbuildings
  • Loss of power due to faulty appliance or fuse blowing
  • Hat and coat hooks
  • Pelmets and curtain fittings
  • Adapting doors to fit carpets, unless fitted by Wandle
  • Moving kitchen cupboards to fit large appliances such as cookers and freezers
  • Connection of and plumbing of appliances such as tumble driers, washing machines and dishwashers and repair of leaking flexible pipes and connections serving these
  • Toilet seats
  • Shower curtains, rails and hoses
  • Your own possessions – like carpet and furniture
  • Damage to your possessions from water
  • Infestations by animals or insects inside the property, which are not due to a fault in the property or a wider infestation affecting multiple properties in a block
  • Replacing glass in doors and windows, unless due to fair wear and tear

If you find it difficult to meet your repair responsibilities because of age, illness or disability, we may still be able to help you.