If you have an assured or secure tenancy you can sublet your home, but you must get our permission in writing first. You may not sub-let the whole of your property or grant an assured sub-tenancy. 

Please be aware that:

  • if you sub-let, you give up the use of part of your home for the period of the tenancy.
  • sub-letting creates a legal tenancy that would affect your own rights as a tenant.
  • you can evict a sub-tenant with a court order.
  • you are responsible for the behaviour of any sub-tenants whilst they are in your home.
  • you should get legal advice to draw up the tenancy agreement, and then send the agreement to us for approval.
  • you must tell us, the council, the jobcentre or the tax office about any income from lodgers and sub-tenants. It may affect any housing and other benefits you get and the amount of council tax and income tax you are liable to pay.

Sub-letting your whole property is a breach of your tenancy agreement and we will take legal action to repossess your home.