What to expect from your new home

Here we set out the standard we promise your home will be in before your tenancy starts.

We will check your home and complete any works that are needed before you move in. Your home will be safe and secure, will be clear of any rubbish and cleaned throughout.

Electricity, water and gas

  • We will have done all relevant gas and electrical safety checks, and we will share a copy of these certificates and an Energy Performance Certificate with you.
  • Any electricity and gas meters will be in working order, and there will be no debts on any prepayment meters.
  • Your home will have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (if applicable).
  • The main stop cock will be checked and in working order as will all visible water pipes.

Heating and hot water

  • When you sign your tenancy, we will arrange for our contractor to visit your home (usually within 24 hours) to recommission your boiler. They will also check that your heating and hot water are working properly, and make sure that you know how your boiler works.
  • There will be a source of heating in living rooms and bedrooms.

Doors and windows

  • All doors and windows, and their fixtures and fittings, will be in good order.
  • New locks will be fitted to all external doors.
  • If your home is a flat that opens onto an internal communal corridor, your front door will be a fire door.
  • Window restrictors will be fitted to all windows on or above the first floor.
  • Windows on the lower ground, ground and first floors will be lockable. We will give you at least two keys for each window.
  • The inside of the windows will be cleaned.

Floors, stairs, walls and ceilings

  • Floors will be safe and free from trip hazards.
  • Any damaged vinyl or floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms will be replaced before you move in.
  • Stairs and handrails will be safe and secure.
  • Walls and ceilings will be free from nails or fixings, and in a fit state to decorate.


  • Kitchen units and worktop areas will be in good working order.
  • The extractor fan will be in good working order.
  • There will be space provided for a fridge/freezer, cooker and washing machine.      
  • The sink and taps will be working, leak free, and will have a plug.
  • Tiled surfaces, including grout, will be clean and free from mould.
  • You will be able to ventilate the kitchen by opening windows and/or light/humidistat extractor fan combination.


  • The bathroom will be in good working condition, and have a toilet, hand wash basin and a bath and/or shower.
  • The toilet will have a new toilet seat installed.
  • The hand wash basin and bath (if applicable) will have plugs.
  • All sanitaryware will be in good condition, free from chips and cracks.
  • Tiled surfaces, including grout, will be clean and free from mould.
  • Taps will be working and leak free.
  • A new shower curtain will be provided unless there is an existing shower screen.
  • You will be able to ventilate the bathroom by opening windows and/or light/humidistat extractor fan combination.

Internal decoration

  • Internal decoration is normally your responsibility, as the incoming tenant. We will offer you decoration vouchers to contribute towards this, unless the home is in good decorative order, or we have redecorated before you move in.


  • If there is a garden, it will be clear of rubbish.
  • Vegetation and bushes will be trimmed.
  • Any unsafe sheds or greenhouses will be removed.
  • Paths, paving and steps will be safe.
  • Boundary walls, fencing, railings and gates will safe.
  • If there is a garage or outbuilding, it will be cleared of any rubbish.
  • Drains and guttering will be checked and serviceable.

Non-standard items

  • Sometimes, there are ‘non-standard’ features to your home, for example alterations a previous tenant has made, like ceramic floor tiles, built in wardrobes, carpets, kitchen units or sheds. They might also be features of the home – like dado rails or ceiling roses. If they are in good working order, we may leave them in place, but this is on the understanding that any replacements or repairs will be to our normal standard and may not be a like-for-like replacement. We will explain where this is the case, so that you are aware before you move in.