Abandoned vehicles

What are the rules about parking on the estate?

  • Only park in areas set aside for parking, so emergency vehicles can get access.
  • Your vehicle may be removed if you park illegally and block the road.
  • You must not do major vehicle repairs in a parking area.
  • You must not park large commercial vehicles or lorries in a residential area.
  • You must not park a caravan or commercial vehicle in your garden.
  • Only vehicles with valid a road tax may be parked. A SORN is not acceptable.

What do we do about abandoned vehicles?

If you think a vehicle has been abandoned on your estate, contact us to report it.

We will visit, and if the vehicle looks abandoned, we will leave a sticker on the vehicle asking the owner to get in touch.

If the owner does not contact us, we will work with the appropriate organisations to get it removed as quickly as possible. We will ask the owner to pay the removal costs.

We will treat a vehicle as abandoned if it is:

  • in a poor state of repair
  • reported as being abandoned
  • in a dangerous condition
  • illegally parked
  • not owned by a resident
  • has no valid road tax.