Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud happens when someone lives in a social rented home that was not allocated to them. It is a criminal offence.

There are lots of different kinds of tenancy fraud, such as:

  • when a tenant rents out all or part of their home without our permission
  • when a tenant uses their home for a business or unlawfully lets it out instead of living in it
  • when someone stops using their property as their main home, leaving someone else in occupation. This could be a parent moving out and leaving a friend or family member living there; or if the tenant dies and someone else keeps living there without telling us
  • when a tenant moves out and sells their key to someone else
  • when a tenant knowingly gives us false information when applying for a home
  • when a tenant stops living at their home and leaves it but does so without telling us
  • keeping a social rented home when they own another property.

Tenancy fraud deprives those who need a home the chance to have one. If you suspect tenancy fraud, please call us on 0300 2000 120, or email fraud@wandle.com. Your information will be dealt with in confidence, and your identity kept anonymous.