Estate services

We have two key contractors delivering services in our neighbourhoods – our gardening and grounds maintenance contractor and our cleaning contractor.

These routine services include:

  • cleaning of communal areas
  • cleaning communal windows
  • leaf clearance and weed control
  • gardening including cutting grass and pruning shrubs.
  • cleaning and weed maintenance of external hard services.

We will usually cut the grass between Mid-March and October, while hedges and shrubs will be pruned twice a year, avoiding resting birds and other protected wildlife. From March to June, we will prioritise grass cutting.

If work needs to be rearranged because of the weather, your neighbourhood customer service officer will review the schedule as soon as the weather improves.

Your local council collects your general household waste and recycling. 

If you notice rubbish you believe has been fly-tipped, start by speaking to your neighbours to find out if it belongs to them and if they have already made arrangements to clear.

If you have made enquiries and no-one knows, you can take the following action:

  • if the rubbish is on our land, please report it to us – attaching a photo if possible. Once we receive your report we will arrange to have it removed. This can take up to one week but is usually quicker.
  • if the rubbish is not on our land, contact your local council, who will arrange for it to be removed.