Your rights

If your first Wandle tenancy started before 15 January 1989, you’re likely to be a secure tenant (protected under the Rent Act 1977 as amended by the Housing Act 1980). If it started after that date, you’re likely to be an assured tenant (under the Housing Act 1988). 

With either of these tenancies, you can:

  • remain in your home if you don’t breach your tenancy agreement. Breaches include not paying your rent, subjecting others to nuisance or anti-social behaviour, damaging your property or telling lies to get your tenancy.
  • only be evicted if the court issues an Order for Possession – and that can only be granted on specific grounds.
  • exchange your home with another social housing resident if both landlords agree and you meet certain conditions.
  • in most cases, pass on your tenancy when you die to a family member who has been living in your home for the last 12 months.

If you have a starter tenancy, your rights are slightly different. See ‘Starter tenancies’ for more information.